Our bespoke security deposit vault has been manufactured to an exact specification by our partner ROBUR SAFE COMPANY to fit perfectly into any existing self-storage unit and provide a high-grade security facility at a fraction of the cost offered by high street providers.

The recent demise of the High Street Banks has meant that the provision of security boxes, often available to only their most privileged customers, has also declined.  These premises are no longer available or indeed suitable to be updated to meet the strictest security requirements of our clients.

At Atlantic we aim for this premier facility to be available to everyone, allowing peace of mind and ensuring that your valuables and most treasured possessions are safe in our bespoke and highly secure units.

Our unique system has been manufactured to an exact specification enabling it to be fitted perfectly into any self-storage environment.  This innovation allows everyone the opportunity to secure valued possessions, critical documents, family heirlooms or other valued and important items without the constraints of banking hours. 

The Atlantic system is also entirely accessible to Retail and Commercial companies and provides the benefit of on-site parking.   Customers can relax in the knowledge that they can safely deposit and withdraw items from their boxes without the need to worry about either the security of their belongings or the challenges of parking in the high street.

Atlantic securities in partnership with Robur Safe, provide high quality, extensively tested and industry standard equipment to retailers and multi –national companies throughout the world.  Our safety deposit box units are equipped and designed with the latest high- tech specifications and we supply directly to customers working in the storage sector.


Our mission is to develop, manufacture and provide the very best of physical security vault systems using the most up to date materials and innovative design systems.

Our aim is to work alongside our clients to provide world class security units and safety deposit boxes for their customers in a secure, easily accessible and closely monitored environment for an affordable price.

Our partner and supplier

Robur has always maintained the philosophy of producing security products of the highest quality, using the most modern material and methods to achieve the best and most cost effective security for our clients worldwide. We manufacture strict ISO 9001 standards and are constantly monitoring our quality control using ISO 9004 guidelines.

All our security products are submitted for scrutiny by recognized and certified independent testing houses in Europe. They achieve the accredited European standard EN 1143 before they reach the marketplace.

Our products have passed the most stringent tests laid down by EFSG. When you choose Robur you choose security of the highest order designed manufactured and tested to the highest standards.